Readers are Leaders!

I began reading to my children when they were in the womb. I became a member of a mail order book club and was able to purchase a handful of children’s books as one of the intro offers which was one of the sales pitches. But on a military’s salary we had to save money however we could. With that initial savings we were able to be instantly gratified when all the books came in. Some people invested in stocks…we invested in children’s books! It only lasted a year, about all we could afford at the time, but that investment paid off! To this day after 28 years, I still have some of those books!

I read to my children so often that the look of the book didn’t last long and when they got older and gained access to the books I would find scribbles and missing bits, but that didn’t stop our enjoyment for reading and listening. I read Dr. Seuss The Grinch that stole Christmas so much that to this day I have that book memorized and can recite it verbatim!

I do the same with my own books I’ve written. I’ve read them so many times I can recite them verbatim as well! That’s why they say “readers are leader” readers can literally lead the story with no problem, who needs glasses or an actual book when it’s all in your memory bank! Here’s to reading more of what you want permanently in your head. So, if your near me and want to hear a good little story, just sit tight and get ready to feel like a child all over again, I got a book in my head for you I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Renee is pictured reading a card with her 1st born granddaughter.

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