Renee Nolte World Publishing writes and shares wonderful books and stories that are entertaining, enjoyable, educational and enthusiastic. Her current works are fiction, non fiction, picture book, and early reader.

Renee puts her heart and soul in her work stemming from teaching all ages and lifestyles for the past 25 years.  She’s helped to enhance lifestyles, elevate levels of learning and achievement, and even save lives. She teaches her students sound principles and how to be the best they can be! This passion comes out in her writing and the reader becomes part of the passionate experience.

Renee Nolte has been in business 20 years as a community educator in personal development. She’s been an industry leader in the Martial Arts for over a decade and has numerous Black Belts specializing in Self Defense. Because of her vast background she is featured on the Advanced Ultimate Krav Maga DVD, a Personal Protection Officer, consultant and more. She’s been invited to teach at the worlds largest Martial Arts venue in Las Vegas, has been featured in business magazines and taught some Hollywood celebrities.

Renee was invited to write for Corpus Christi Magazine after they did a feature story on her and has 27 published articles. CC magazines editor later contacted Renee and asked if she would write for The Flour Bluff Messenger, she accepted and has 12 published articles.  

She is a weekly guest on the Louie Belina Sports Radio Show. She’s been a featured weekly guest since 2006 and they talk about what is going on in her world!

Renee Nolte published Great Purple Grapes in 2015.  A super sweet and fun story about desire, compromise, determination, imagination, enthusiasm and leadership (all stemming from a Purple Grape) told by a willful little girl!

Baseball Dream was published in the winter of 2018 and is now part of The National Baseball Hall of Fame Museums Library in Cooperstown, NY! The illustrations are epic from artist Al Salgado former Disney and Pixar artist.  The story is interactive, fun and super joyful! If you are any level of a baseball fan you would love this book! Baseball Dream is a baseball fan book that you can relive your precious moments and memories again and again!

Super Love is already a heartstring and loved by all who read it, published March 2019. This tender book told in a child’s and families perspective share that Love truly is the greatest thing ever, no matter what!

Renee Nolte former writer for The Messenger